Coaching with the Boys of Summer

The Boys of Summer welcome new and experienced baseball coaches that have a passion for our sport, and an enjoy working with like-minded people. You will play a key role in shaping the lives of our young men and women, creating memories with them that will last a lifetime. As a coach, the greatest reward is the personal impact you’ll make on other people every day you’re on the field.

Benefits of coaching with the Boys of Summer:

  • Coaching is a paid position within the Boys of Summer organization.
  • Coaching with the Boys of Summer is a great resume builder.
  • Overnight travel expenses are paid for by the organization.
  • Unlimited use of our 10,000 square foot training facility.
  • Host private lessons at the Boys of Summer training facility free of “rental” costs.

For more information please call us at (330) 738-3869, or send us a message to